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Android 8.0- Oreo

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Toaday i will talk about Latest version of Android which is named Android Oreo.

   (1)            Background Execution Limits:

We All That If We Close App In Our Android Device It Still Run Background.
If App Run In Background, It Consumes Our Android Device’s Resources
Like Ram And Battery. To Improve User Experience, Android O Impose
Restriction On What App Can Do While Running In Background.

(2) Notification Channels:   

In Android O We Snooze Notification For 15 Min, 30 Min, Or 1 Hr. If We Didn’t Mean To Snooze App Notification It Also Have Undo Option.

If You Long Press The Notification, You Will Get Toggle For Notification, Which Allowing You Disable Notification In Future From That App.

(3) Adaptive Icons:

Android O Give Us A New Adaptive Launcher Icon, Which Can Display The Distinct Shape Across Different Android Device. For Example App Launcher Icon Is Display Circular In One OME Device, And Display Rectangular On Another OME Device.

(4) Navigation bar: 

New Attractive Feature Of Android O Is Navigation Bar. Generally We Have Three Icon On Our Navigation Bar. Now We Can Add Icon To Navigation Bar And Also Chance Location Of The Icon Too.

(5) Lock Screen:

The Lock Screen In Android O Look Same As Android N, But It Has Little Nice Change In Lock Screen. The Change Is That Rather Than The Shortcuts Of Camera And Voice Assistant, We Get Option Which App Shortcut We Want To Put There In The Lock Screen. The List Of Option Is Absolutely Big For Better User Experience.

(6) Picture-In-Picture Mode:

The Feature I Like Most Is This. It Is Specially For Multitasking Mode Mostly Used For Video Playback. You’ll Already Use This Function In YouTube, But App Developers Will Be Able To Have Their Video App Continue In Small Floating Icon While Surfing Other Video Or Other App. Android O Also Give Us Custom Control Like Pause And Play In Small Icon. Android PIP Mode Already Include Android TV Also. 

(7) Audio:

Sony Donate Their Special LDAC Codec To Google To Include It In Android O. That Means If You Have LDAC-Equipped Bluetooth Headphones You Will Enjoy Much Better Quality In Android O. There Are Some Additional Setting For Audio Sample Rates And Bits Per Sample Too. 

(8) Unknown Sources:

We All Know That To Install Apps From Outside Of Google Play Just Require Us To Go Security Setting And Hit Unable Unknown Sources. But In Android O It Is So Secured That We Will Now Grant Permission To Browser For App Which We Want Download In Our Browser. Suppose We Want Download One Game From Chrome Then We Will Give Permission To Chrome For Download That Game.

(9) Setting Menu:

The Large Change In Android O Is Change In Setting Menu. The Setting Menu Is Much Shorter Than Android N. Android O Give Us Only Less Number Of Setting Category Like “Wireless And Networks,” “Device,” “Personal” And “System”. In Additional Android O Also Have More Descriptive Category Like “Networks And Internet,” “Connected Devices,” “Apps And Notifications” And “Security And Screen Lock”.

(10) Wi-Fi Aware:

This Is Great New Feature Of Android O. Wi-Fi Aware Also Known As Neighbor Awareness Networking. It Allows Android O Device Or App To Communicate With Other Device And App In The Vicinity Over The Wi-Fi Without Any Actual Internet Connection. It Is More Reliable Than Wi-Fi P2P Connection And Higher Throughput Rates Across Long Distance With Compare To Bluetooth Connection. This Give Apps More Reliable Experience For Sharing Their Data Such Photo- Sharing App.

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