Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How To Access Remotely Everything On Your Android Phone

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Imagine, You Forgot Your Android Phone At Your Home But You Wish To Access Some Files Like Images, Videos And Anything Else. Also Imagine You Forgot Your Phone At Home And You Need To Make A Very Important Call, But The Number You Want To Call Is There In Your Android Phone. Now isn't It Great That You Remotely Access Everything On Your Android Phone.

That Is Very Interesting Software Called AirDroid That You Can Download From Playstore.

Once You Download AirDroid Software In You Phone, The First Thing You Should To Do Is, You Need To Make Your Free Account On Software. And Once You Create Your Free Account, Your Android Device Can Now Be Access Remotely From Any Browser, From Any Device, From Anywhere In The World. Let Me Show You How To Do That.

To Remotely Connect Your Android Device, Just Start Your Browser And Simply Connect To Web.Airdroid.Com. Then You Need To Enter Same User Name And Password That You Enter When You Created Your Airdroid Account And Simply Click On Sign In .

Don’t Forget Your Password Otherwise This Software Will Not Work.And Within A Few Second Airdroid Software Will Try To Locate Your Phone And Try To Remotely Access Your Phone And Give You Access To Everything On Your Phone.

 Now You Can Not Also Access Your Smart Phone But Also Modify, Upload, Add  And Remove All Files From Your Android Phone. Now You Can Also Access To Make Call, SMS, Anything From Using This Software.

Not Only That Let Me Show You Even More Additional Feature Of This Software.
Now Assume That You Lost Your Phone, Then Using “Find Phone” Features You Can Even Locate The Exact Geographical Location Of Your Missing Device.

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