Thursday, 16 March 2017

If You Want Become A Jio Prime Member Then Please Read This

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Today we all know about jio prime offer and some of from you are the part of the Jio prime offer. But you ever read the T&C of the jio prime membership. Below I mentioned some T&C that give you shock.

·        First of all jio was said that everything is unlimited after purchasing Rs.303 recharge
But now they add top-ups, see the image mention below

This are the top-ups plans from jio

·         Now we talk about jio T&C. 
       I am interested in T&C no.11, it is said that we can't use more than one device from personal hotspot from our device.

·         Now we go to the support then FAQ. I got  some interesting FAQs that is mention below

First FAQ

 I am a Jio Prime member but I have not recharged with any plan. What will happen after 31st March?

It is clearly mention that if we have not recharge with any plan then we only get incoming calls and SMS that’s also for limited time period.

·         Then other FAQ I saw was

Will unlimited night data be available to Jio Prime members?

It is also clear in FAQ that no unlimited internet benefit is there.

·         Next FAQ is

Is there a voice FUP?

First of all FUP means if I do a call that is free or it has some FARE USER POLICY?

Here they are written clearly that UNLIMITED FREE DOMESTIC VOICE CALLS on Jio’s superior All-4G Network. And also they write free local ,std and roaming calls not unlimited. It means that we have unlimited calls if we call to jio number.

Next line they are written that it is for personal use, if we misuse(more use) of it our service.

Next FAQ that

Will my membership end if stop recharging after few months?

They clearly mentioned that jio prime members need to recharge with least of 149 per month, if there is no recharge of least of 149 per month they have right to deactivate prime subscription.
One news website said that reliance jio has limited free voice call up to 1000min per month. It is  not mention here that.

Let’s see next FAQ

I am a college student, will I get extra 25% discount on Jio Prime and FUP recharges?

We know that jio give 25% discount to student, but we don’t know that if we subscribed jio prime then we will not able to get discount 25%. We cannot combined jio prime and student benefit.

Next FAQ is

Can I recharge as many number of times as I want during these 12 months?

We can recharge as many number of time during these 12 months.

If they give everything unlimited, then why they give freedom many recharge in 12 month?

Last FAQ is about recharge of Rs.303

What is the FUP on Rs. 303 pack?

If you see the plan of jio of Rs.303 and Rs.499 you can see that they mention data was unlimited but there is a little word they used below FUP. It means that you get unlimited data but after some limit you will get 2G unlimited data, so we have limited data of 1GB per day then after speed will decrease.

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