Monday, 13 March 2017

Your Phone Is Smart Make It Secure

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In Today Life We All Know That Our Smart phone Is More Precious Than Your Wallet, We Generally Don't Care About Data We Store In Our Smart phone And Also We Don't Know How These Data May Be Stolen At Anytime. Our Smart phone Is Not So Secure To Protect Data From Online Access, So We Need To Follow Some Steps To Keep Your Data Safe.

Here A Few Basic And Vital Steps To Take... 

1 : Turn On Your Screen Lock And Use It At All Times. 

2 : Update Your Software.

3 : Use Encryption To Protect Confidential Information Stored On Your Phone.

4 : Turn Your Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Off When You Don’t Use Them. 

5 : Install An Anti virus For Smart phones.

6 : Check Permissions Before Installing An App. 

7 :Don’t Install Rogue Apps.

8 : Back Up Your Data.

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