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Google Home: Smart Speaker & Home Assistant

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So my friends, you all know about sound in speaker.
But today I will give you some detail and function about amazing “Voice Activated Speaker Powered by Google Assistant: Google Home”.

I think you all know about 'Google Home'. Google Home is hands-free help from the Google assistant, which is available in the UK with some great reviews and starting this summer in Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Japan. If you want to know about basic function about 'Google Home' then Click Here.

In Google I/O 2017 Google announce some new amazing and unbelievable update in ‘Google Home’. With the birth of multiple users of Google Home, they can unlock the full potential of Google Home to offer a truly personal experience to user. Now we can schedule a meeting, set a reminder or get or own daily activity by using our own voice. Now we can engage our calendar, appointment, and our news.

Four new features will be rolling over the coming few months.

So, First Google announcing support for proactive assistance coming to Google Home. Google Home is greatest writing personally relevant information for us when we ask for it, but it have been even more helpful if we automatically notify those timely and important messages of us. Now we’re going to start simple with important messages like reminders, traffic delays, flight status changes, etc…. It has multiple user support, so that we have the ability to control that type of notification that we want over all time.

All right second, another really common activity we do in home today is communicate with other. Phone calls still the easiest way to reach someone. Isn’t it great that you don’t need to use your hand? So Google announce in Google I/O 2017 ‘Hands-Free Calling’ will coming in Google Home. It’s really simple to use it, just ask google assistant to make a call Google will connect us. We can now call any landline or mobile number in US or Canada totally free and it’s all done in Hands-Free way. We’re just making a standard phone calls in a Google Home. We don’t need to learn anything new, without any requirement of additional setup, apps or even phone.

If Google assistant recognize my voice it will call from my contact list, if assistant recognize another voice in my family it will call from his/her contact list. We can personalize calling just like everything else and now anyone in home can call friend, families, even businesses, it may be local florist to get flower for girlfriend. Now by default Google Home call all with private number, but we also have option to link own mobile number to the Google assistant and Google Home use that number for calling.

Third one, the cycle is about entertaining us.

Google Home is designed to be a great speaker. we can put it in the any room in the house or wirelessly connect to other Comcast built-in speaker system.

 In Google I/O 2017 they are announcing the ‘Spotify’ in addition to the subscription service will adding free music service for us to Google Home. So it’s easier to play our Spotify. They also adding support for online Sound-Cloud and feature to largest global music services available today. And these music services will join many of already available in internet through the assistant and finally they also added Bluetooth support to all existing to the home device. We can play any audio from our android as well as our iOS device.

supported channel on spotify

Finally, I want to little bit how is video evolving help us more visual way. Voice response is great, but sometimes the picture says the thousand words. So for that in Google I/O 2017 they will announce for visual responses with Google Home.

Now to do that we need strength. Well fortunately many of us only have a many screen in our home today. Our phone or tablets even our CD and DVD player, the Google assistant is smartly taking advantages of all these different devices to give us the best visual response on the right device.
For example, by using Google Home we can easily get location information. We know best device to it, is on our smartphone, so Google Home automatically notify our phone whether our android/iOS device continue straight to Google maps and just Start navigation for us.

We have many active Chromecast and Chromecast filter devices. So they also announce the updating Chromecast that show the visual response to the TV when you ask for help with Google Home. For example, we ask Google to show calendar, by using Chromecast Google Home Visually display the calendar on our TV. We can also personalize the experience even on the TV. Google Home display anything we ask to Google in our TV.

Google Home With Chromecast

It’s really simple and again no Remote or Phone required. In short we found really interesting to watch using Google Home. Everything to be done in that hands-free way all for the comfort of our house.

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