Friday, 19 May 2017

Google Lens : Amazing Upcoming Function In Android

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We all know about google I/O. 

This week google can cross over 2 billion active devices of android.

If we click a picture like this in android phone

This is picture of a kid at a baseball game and there’s obstructing edge. Google do the hard work to remove that structure as a picture of what matters in front of us.

It clearly at an inflection point with vision and so in Google I/O 2017, they announce a new initiative called Google lens.

Google Lens is a set of visions based computing capabilities that can understand what we looking at and help us to take action based on that information.

So, for example if we have look at something and we want to know what it is.
say a flower, we have invoked google lens from our assistant, point the phone at it and google lens will tell us what flower is.

Going to next if, we ever been at a friend’s place and we’ve crawled under a desk just to get the username and password from a Wi-Fi router we will point our phone at there and google can automatically do the hard work for us and connect us with Wi-Fi.

If we’re walking somewhere and one restaurant across view, we can point our phone, because Google know where we are and Google have their knowledge graph and they know that we’re looking at, they can give us the right information in a meaningful way.

As we can see they have beginning to understand images and videos. All of Google was built because they started understanding section webpages the fastest computer can understand images and videos. It’s profound implication for their core mission when they started working on search they wanted to do that scale this is why they rethought their computational architecture they designed their data centers from the ground up.

Please note that google lens is underdevelopment and will be available in near future in our android phone.

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