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10 Things That You Should Never Do On Your Android Phone

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So friends do you have plan to buy a new smartphone or you have already have a smartphone, then you should do at least one thing listed below that you should never do on your smartphone.

So today I will discuss 10 things that you should refrain doing on your smartphone.

(1) Installing App from Unknown source:

Today when you buy a smartphone, first thing you install some app and search these apps in Google. For install such app you must give permission for unknown source. This is not safe action for your android phone. Most of people find apps to the unknown sources from Google, because sometimes they get some paid apps for free.

But we all know it is privacy and also websites which provide such apps may contain some malicious code that’s sometimes prove harmful for your device. Apps from such website may get your data, encrypt your data and much more possibilities are there.

We have greater than 2 million app available safely on play store. So don’t install apps from unknown source and install all apps from play store only and turn off ‘Unknown Source’ from your smartphone setting.

(2) Killing Apps from Recent Apps Menu:

This action is mostly used action in android. All android users open recent apps menu after use apps and kill all apps from recent apps menu. All android user kills all android apps and think that it’s fast my android device, its clean my device ram and so on.

But, trust me my friends it’s harmful for your smartphone. Because, Android is able to manage its memory. If ram is not enough then android automatically kill some apps and clear the ram for us.

If you close some app and re-open that app, then that app open from starting and load all necessary data, that’s effect on processor and also drain your device battery. So don’t kill apps from recent apps that you use many times in day.

(3) Installing an Antivirus Software:

Today if people buy a new smartphone, in first day they think about install antivirus software in their device to protect from antivirus.

If we use antivirus software in laptop or desktop its right but, we have no need of antivirus in android phone. As long as you install apps from play store only and download other necessary contain from trusted source, then there is no need to use any type of antivirus software in android phone.

Some people think we must install antivirus in their smartphone, that’s totally wrong if they don’t use such software, and also such software use processer and also drain device battery.

(4) Using Battery Saver:

You need battery from morning to night and for that we use some battery saver apps. We think that such app saves our battery.

Do you know what actually battery saver does? Battery Saver done that things that I was prevent you to do that, such kill all apps from recent apps. When you close one app battery saver kill this app from background continuously that drain your battery. So you think that battery saver saves your battery but, battery saver also reduces your battery and harm your processor. Battery saver also do some basic action like stop Wi-Fi, GPS and other when no need of these but that’s all action you done by your side also, no need to use software for that.

(5) Installing Fake Apps:

There are many fake apps available in some websites and also in play store. Apps like these are totally useless and also sometimes it harms our device too.

For example, your device doesn’t support fast charging but some apps are there in the play store that enable the fast charging in your device. More apps available in play store and some websites that claim that they can change something in your android device, which related to your device hardware, so my friends it’s not possible. A software can’t change anything relate to hardware. So stop using these type of fake or prank apps.

(6) Clearing Cache:

Cache file is the temporary data that store in your device for better performance of your device. For example, you open the Google maps and search for any location, then a temporary data for that location search is saved on your device as a cache file. Next time you open Google maps and search that location device use less data and less need of processor to find that location. But if you delete that cache file then Google maps search that location from beginning, it need more data and use of processor will also increase.

So, stop using some cleaner apps and don’t delete the cache file. If you don’t need cache files of some apps then you will delete these cache files from app setting.

(7) Trusting Fake Messages:

‘Win I-Phone by click here’ you see this type of messages in your what’s app or other social media apps. Daily we get that type of link or app link in our social media apps. For example, if Jio launch new offer then these fake messages receive relate to jio and we open these types of link and also install such apps give in link.

So my friends please don’t open these type of links and don’t install such type of apps. These types of links and apps may steal your data and also damage your device too. You all know about RANSOMEWARE, this virus is also spread due these type of fake links.

(8) Rooting Without Knowing:

Some people root their android phone without knowing what is root?  If you know the meaning of rooting, what you do after root your android device, then you should root your device. But some people think that rooting is cool, its beneficial to rooting for device, then please don’t root your device. If you think about root your android device, then search about it and then root your device.

(9) Ignoring App Permission:

I think that you all know that, in latest android version we have one feature, because of this features we manually enable/disable selected permission to all apps. Permission means access apps to our device apps like Gallery, Messages, Contacts, etc…. for example, you want to voice call to someone from What’s app, then it need What’s app to access mic permission.

Some apps ask for permission such that it don’t relate to apps function.

For example, a torch app ask permission for Location, but a torch does not need any need to access of your location. So don’t give all permission to all your apps.

(10) Not Restarting Your Phone:

Our phone is made for long time use, regular use of it. But, a healthy use of your phone timely Restart/Reboot your phone is necessary. For clean your phone or fresh start up of your phone, Restart/Reboot your phone once in 1-2 week.

These all tips are very helpful for your android device for better working.

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