Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Install iOS 11 (Beta) In Your iPhone [Without PC]

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How many of you are iPhone User?

iOS 11 is underdeveloped now. And latest iOS 11 beta is finally launched. today i will show you how to update it in your iPhone without PC.

here is a quick step by step guide on how to install iOS 11 on your iPhone without using your PC. So let’s get started.

                                          Image result for ios 11 beta

     (1)  Open your iPhone’s browser and click on the link mention below.

(2)  Open the download file and click on install option and install profile.

(3)  You will be asked for installation consequently 3-4 times, so agree each time for it.

(4)  Now you will be prompted to restart your iPhone. Click on restart and wait for a while.

(5)  After restart go to device setting, then General and then click on the “Software Update”.

                                                Image result for ios 11 beta

(6)  There you will find which you need is iOS 11 Update. So click there to install.

Now enjoy your latest update in your iPhone.

NOTE: This is a beta update, so you may find it sluggish or irresponsible and you may find some bugs also.
Make you iPhone at least 50% charged or connected to the charger, or else the update may not take place.

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