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We all use Internet in our daily life, but we get confused when we see that websites which we surf have different format. Sometime you get “HTTP” or sometime you get “HTTPS”. So many of you have question that, what is difference between them and what is better for you? After reading this post you can maintain your basic knowledge and privacy.

The full form of HTTP is “Hypertext Transfer Protocol” and this is the set of rules based on which Internet is working and you can exchange information through Internet. The data that you get from website server or send data to server is possible because of HTTP, but the main problem in it is connection is completely open and all data are created in plain text. 

If some person may be a hacker, monitor your device and he/she sniff your data packet then he/she easily get information about what and where you surf on Internet. In normal case like you are reading a novel then it would not affect you. But in some private session like log in page, online payment, net banking or many other, if your data is sniffed by someone and all data is in plain text then you may be trapped in big trouble. In such case all websites use HTTPS.

The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for "Secure". This mean server which crated between your browser and Web server is completely encrypted and some other person want to misbehave with you and get some packets then also he/she cannot find exactly text, what and which website you surf on Internet, because the complete information is in encrypted form.

You found HTTPS in all popular websites, especially social media websites, online shopping websites and bank websites. Google also prefer HTTPS websites and in google ranking HTTPS get more preference. If you have own blog or website which contain HTTPS then you can get higher rank in google search results.Practically there is no need to HTTPS in everywhere.

One websites where you are reading jokes then there is no need to HTTPS in that website, but it’s better to have HTTPS because of privacy. If you are owner of website like me then you want to have HTTPS in your website, for privacy and secure browsing of your client. If you have shopping website then you must use HTTPS, because security of your client data. For this you have to apply for SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer). After you get this, you have to install that certificate in your web server and then you get HTTPS based secure connection.

If you see in your browser you get lock icon before URL with text ‘Secure’. Then you can understand that this website is secure for surfing and if you browse some website which contain HTTP then please don’t enter your ID and password or your card detail or any other personal details.

I think you understand basic difference between HTTP and HTTPS. My website is also secured by HTTPS, so be safe while browsing any other website as my website is secure by HTTPS. If you have some question or suggestion then please Contact Here or simply type in comment section below.

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