Friday, 14 July 2017

Rooting & Jailbreking- What is These?

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Today, many people talk about Rooting and jailbreaking. Should we root or jailbreak our phone or not? Is this legal or not? So today I am talking about Rooting and jailbreaking. Either it's legal or not? It’s safe to rooting or jailbreaking or not?

We might be doing many activities in our PC or Laptop. But in case of android we have limited settings and access, and in iOS we have so much limitations. We have many setting available in android that is not available in iOS. We get capable hardware for many things, but we have not permission to do such things. 

Our operating system does not allow to do such activity. But we know that we have no software which are perfect, all software has some bugs. If we use the benefit of such bugs, we have done some activities in our android or iPhone that we don’t get permission from our operating system. This process is called rooting in android and same thing if we have done in iPhone it’s called jailbreak, because use of iPhone is like jail and we break it.

Now main question is its legal or not? It's legal in most of case, some rare case it's illegal. But be aware of that, after Rooting or Jailbreak you lost your device warranty, because after root we can do such changes that get harm to our phone. But some brands in android which gives you permission to Root and your warranty do not complete after rooting.

Now next question is that rooting or jailbreak of your device is easy or not? It depends on your device. If we have old device or old android OS like below 6.0 (Marshmallow), we have many software for one click root. But if you have android version 6.0 or above, it’s not easy to root your device. This is because software is become secured by developer day by day.

But it’s all are security flows or bugs, if you Root or Jailbreak your device, then exposed your device against security potential, because it’s like crack your OS, so you never get update. There are many apps that have harm to your device after Root or Jailbreak if you not use them carefully.

Next question is that, you should Root or Jailbreak your device or not? It depends upon time. In old devices, we do not have many option in our devices. But we have now update from our developer, like we have iOS 11 beta version and android 7.0 or android O underdevelopment. In every update of our OS we have some extra function or setting. 

We have most of things in latest android or iOS version, but still now we don’t get access such things like, “change OS”, “overclock CPU”. But we have most of things available in latest android or iOS. So, I don’t suggest you that Root or Jailbreak your device. 

You should Root or Jailbreak your phone if you want to change your rom, get permission for some software, unlock your bootloader or many other. But as a normal user you don’t need to Root or Jailbreak your device. In some case your device also breaks and sometimes you don’t get recovery for it.

So, if you have use your phone in normal works, do not Root or Jailbreak your device, but if know that what you have done or you have interested in it, then you should Root or Jailbreak your device. And don’t worry about warranty, generally in India it’s not big issue, but you don’t get OT update. If you unroot of remove jailbreak then after you get OT update. I will make post how to Root or Jailbreak your devices.

I think all your basic questions about Rooting and Jailbreaking are solved.  If you have some question or suggested post for me then please Contact Here.

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