Thursday, 17 August 2017

Google Assistant Makes other Android App Redundant

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Google may know you better than anyone else, including your own mother too. That shouldn’t surprise to anyone. What might be surprising is the fact that the humble Google Assistant is now becoming more than that. Assistant reminds us for all  upcoming events like our trips, shows relevant articles based on topics in which we’re interested in, gives us live score updates of the all sports team that we follow.

Oh!!!!!, this is besides the reminders that we can manually ask it to remember. These reminders can not only be triggered by us at a certain time but also at certain places too. Places where Google has higher chances of accurately tracking our location since it has the biggest data of information on all the streets and highways of the world.

The quaint Search Assistance from Google has effectively replaced with so many apps like reminders, to-do, news, stocks, sports and even the weather apps too. The only reason I did not install any additional apps for one of the above, is to get more functionality out of these by Google Assistant. we’ve also some other apps but to get better user experience we recommended to use Google Assistance. But, the road map is being laid out slowly and surely.

But remember that apps are not be the core of the user experience but an additional feature that can be invoked when needed. The idea behind the implementation in smartphones appears to be quite straight forward. For example, people who own a vehicle of their own, using the Uber/Ola app is probably once in a month affair. For those who cook at home, Zomato is option only when they want to try something new.

Also It Better integration with other Google products (like Calendar, Gmail, Maps and more) have allowed the humble Search app to be more versatile than simply searching the web for answers to your questions. Maybe you haven’t noticed its presence on your phone but it’s only a matter of time when you do.

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