Thursday, 17 August 2017

Google Search Lite App

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In a bid to get the 'next billion' on to the Internet, tech giants are trying various methods to attract the audience that still do not have access to proper Internet connections and gadgets like smartphones and laptop. One such great effort is now seen by Google with the new Search Lite app that is reportedly being tested in Indonesia country.

Google recently showed ads on Facebook users in Indonesia inviting users to test a new app for android. Those who saw the ad and signed up have started receiving a link to try an experimental new search app from Google called Search Lite App which looks targeted at the Indonesian and also maybe Indian market.

Android Police reports that the app appeared in Facebook ads for many users in Indonesia and also some users who clicked on these ads were invited to download the app and also try it. The Search Lite app is basically a less data-consumption app that give you permission for what you do most of the regular Search functions by using less data compare to recent search app and even it supporting few offline features too. The app is specifically designed for regions with poor and spotty connections like India.

The app is not visible now in Google Play Store for free download, but it may hit the stores soon once the company is satisfied with its testing. As with all 'Lite' apps used in these days, the Search Lite app will work in slow Internet areas and also support some offline features for seamless and uninterrupted searching on Google for better user experience.

The app lets you give you freedom to choose from few languages and the home screen has several quick access icons for things like translation, weather, news, offline pages, images, and some other. These icons are also customizable to your preference too. The Search Lite app also give you perform voice search, apart from boring text search. The search bar is placed at the bottom of your display, and has the option to show keyword suggestions just like regular Search.

Inside the app settings, you can decide whether you want to use 'lite' web pages/built-in web browser, depending on your data usage preferences. If in Indonesia, you may see the listing on Google Play or you can also download the APK by click Here as well.

This is a recall of Facebook Lite app launched in 2015 serving the similar purpose, and it now has over 200 million active users. Facebook Messenger Lite for Android device was already launched for Indian Facebook users last month.

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