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What is Malware? Virus,Trojan, Worms.

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I think you all are hear about Virus, Malware, Trojan and Worms. Many of you are confused in these terms. So, I will explain detail and difference between all these terms and also give you some suggestion to protect yourself from these.

First, forgot all things about these terms which you have read or hear till now.
First term is “Malware”. The name of the Malware is ‘Malicious Software’. It means a software which is not secure to use and if it enters to your system, it will damage your system. The common source of the Malware is internet. You may be surfing some malicious website, download some pirated content or software or click add on malicious website. These all are the main source of the Malware. In other hand, you insert CD/DVD or Pen Drive from unknown source, Malware also come offline from these sources.

There 3 types of Malware:
(1)  Virus
(2)  Trojan and
(3)  Warm.
These all are different and all damage your system in different way. Let’s discuss about all terms.

Virus can damage or corrupt a particular file in your system. For example, you have some document in word or excel and some virus corrupt that document then, that file will be form of junk file and you can’t get information from that file. It may be also possible that, virus corrupt full word or excel software. Now if you copy this file to other system then this virus can also corrupt that system.

Worms try to multiply themselves and spread maximum. If worms enter in your system then, they starting to copy of your different files and slow down your system. If you copy these files then, that device also affected with Worms with same process of multiplying files and folders.

Trojan is like fake software. Trojan enters in your system as useful software, but in reality, it is only for damaging your system. For example, some memory clear software, some Anti-Virus software or some speed boosters are Trojan. You think all of these clean your system, speeding up your device, but once it enters in your system then, it starts working and slow down your device and also provide entrance for new Trojan, Virus and Worms In your system.

Now we are discussing about how to protect from Malware. Browse only trusted website. Don’t click on any unknown website. If you get some SMS like “Chance to Win iPhone”, then never click these type of advertise. Also, don’t trust and open fake email from some advertiser. These are the trick you should take care in online browsing. 

I recommend all to install some Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software in your computer. Use paid/License Version of Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware. If you are using free Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware, it may not work. So, use only paid version of any Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware. Don’t use pirated files in your PC. It not always content Malware in pirated files, but it may be possible. Insert CD/DVD and Pen Drives only after scanned by Anti-Virus software, because only some seconds are enough time to enter Malware in your computer.

Now you have already Malware in your system, then how you will remove that. Use your paid/license version of Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware and scan your system and clean up all Malware. But sometimes your Anti-Virus can’t able to clean them, then only way to clean them is format your computer Hard-Drive.

I think you have clear all your doubts about these terms. If you have any further query about these terms or any suggestion for my next post then please Contact Here or Comment below.

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