Sunday, 17 September 2017

BlueBorne Exploit - Malware Via Bluetooth - 5.3 Billion Devices Affected

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We all are using Bluetooth for music playing or file transfer. But now there is new type of System in our Bluetooth now, by which the hackers use bugs in Bluetooth and spread viruses and malware. This system is named BlueBorne.

We use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth commonly for connecting our device. Not only android there is many more device available in which we use Bluetooth for connecting device. In Bluetooth, we must have done pair and then only we can communicate. But, in BlueBorne Vulnerability hackers can access your device without pairing. After this they spread malware and viruses.

If you click on unknown or insecure website then only your device affected by malware. This cause because of your action, means if you can’t open such links, can’t install such software then your device will not be affected by malware. But in BlueBorne system if only your Bluetooth is ON but not paired with anyone, hackers still access your device remotely. Hackers can fully access your device behind the scene without your permission and aware.

The big problem is that Bluetooth is commonly used function for connectivity for your devices like Android, iPhone, tablet, laptops and IOT based devices. There is about 5.3 Billion devices in the world which already affected by BlueBorne vulnerability.

Some people thought that why anyone target him/her? But in public, there are many devices available and hackers spread malware in those devices then these malware spread at big scale too. This may be Ransomware, virus, adware or any other.

By using BlueBorne system many hackers doing such activity. Most of companies start issuing security patches. But security patches in all devices is not possible. So, in below link there is one software, by using this you can check that your device is affected by BlueBorne or not. Not only your device this app checks all devices around you also.
Click here to download Software. 

My recommendation is that less use of Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth if your task is complete. So be aware because, this is not only for Android devices, but also in in iOS, windows and Linux too.

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