Saturday, 21 October 2017

Google adds ‘try now’ button on Play Store to highlight Android Instant Apps

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The journey to Instant Apps has been long and very tedious. After being announced in Google I/O 2016, the testing of Instant Apps was stared in starting of 2017 and started properly rolling out and reach more than 500 million devices in August.

Google finally launch some apps which are run on Android Instant Apps. To know about what is Android Instant Apps and how to run app without Installing it on Android, please Click Here.

Google is adding a new 'Try Now' button in Play Store for some apps which support the company's instant app feature. Let user immediately try out the apps without having the download it. This is generally achieved by relying on linking between different areas of apps, similar to how one would navigate to specific part of the website.

The 'Try Now' button was announced as a part of large post about new play store console feature on Google Developer's Blog. But still it is not appear to everyone. I can see it on my play store but, in my friend's Play Store I can't see this. Some screenshots of 'Try Now' button is given below.

'Try Now' button sits before Install button on Play Store. Recently there are very small collection of Apps which support Instant Apps. The link of these apps are Here.

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