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Google ARCore - Augmented Reality for Android - iOS 11 ARKit?

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In this fast-moving world of technology today, there are two words “AR” and “VR” come out as the latest Technology. To level up Augmented reality at big scale, google present their new project ARCore.

Augmented reality is advanced technology with compare to standard Virtual Reality. We can interact thing in our live environment. In your room, you can place or interact external object. This technology is great and interesting but as you know for this a powerful hardware is needed. Microsoft HOLO lens or Google’s Project Tango also need different sensors, different cameras by using which we can achieve the Augmented Reality.

Apple surprise all by anvil own AR Kit. Apple says that all compatible devices or work on iOS 11 will work on Augmented Reality without any external or specialize hardware. It is very big statement and because of this AR will reach at masses.

Google also working on AR from last many times and finally anvil Google ARCore. Because of this use of AR in Android get rise up. We will use many function of AR in our Android without any external or specialize hardware. Currently it’s only available in Galaxy S8, S8+, Pixel and Pixel XL For development preview only.

Google plans that at least 100 million out of 2 billion devices get touched with Project ARCore. Google talk with different manufactures like Samsung, Asus, LG, and many more for supporting them by giving project ARCore.

Now we talking about, ‘What is Google ARCore’, ‘how it is work’ and ‘what Google actual plan’. Google says that there are main 3 things on which ARCore will work.
First is ‘Motion Tracking’. Camera in your phone is tracking that what is in front of the camera and also you have get some basic sensors like Gyroscope, accelerometer and many other. The data get through sensors this software find the location and angular position of your device. Then once you place any external object for example, you place dinosaur in your table then you can watch dinosaur at any angle and track it.

It’s not new, because it’s we already used some apps related to this in Sony Xperia Phones. But next thing is “Light Estimation”. It’s awesome features. By using this feature the software know the direction of the light and frequency of the light and then external object put by you will cast their shadows. Because of this object looks like real object and we may not get different between them.

Third Point is “Environmental Understanding”. By using this software get information about which surface is flat like your floor or may be your table and put the object on this surface.

This is not only indoor but also outdoor. Google also planning to launch new browser with this. Developers of AR kit or ARCOre put their object in websites through this browser. We will use AR in phones directly in websites through this browser.

Google have also “Project Tilt Brush” and “Project Blocks”. In this we can easily made some own 3D models. SDK already came out for developers, you can make your own app. In future AR Technology Used at high level by AR Kit or ARCore.
To get more about it you can also see video by Google Developers Here.

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