Thursday, 30 November 2017

Datally: Mobile Data-Saving & WiFi App by Google

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Google always amaze us by their product. Google launched another stylish and simple app to help people to manage one of the core function of their phone – Data usage.

This amazing app is named ‘Datally’. It helps you understand where your data is being used and how much data used by apps. It also shows which app is use data the most and also recommended us to cut down app data usage based on your own activity. By giving location permission to this app it will named all Wi-Fi network in your area.
There is big button placed at the top of the app that lets you stop all background data usage, so only the app running on your device can use your data. A pop-up will also show your data usage of running app.

If you’re a long-time Android user, Datally might not sound all that exciting. Nearly all of the app’s functions are already built into Android directly. But those features are hidden inside the settings menu, and they aren’t spelled out quite as neatly as they appear to be inside Datally. As a standalone app, it’ll also be much easier for people to find and remember to use.

Datally is being realised as part of Google’s next billion user’s initiative, for those country that have limited mobile connection and use lower-end hardware. That’s why this initiative is focusing the basic feature of our device Data usage and storage management. Its why the Datally app take up to 5 MB of space.

Google has been testing Datally in the Philippines since these summer days. The company says that it is already hit over 5000000 users and that it’s been able to save people, on average 30% of their data. As the date of today app is released to the rest of the world and is available to any android device 5.0 or higher. Link of this is given below,

Download Datally
Also see video give below for more.

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