Saturday, 2 December 2017

Samsung is looking into palm scanning to display password hints

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Samsung always amaze us with its new technology and features. Samsung is proud for the highest number of security features in android devices. These features are iris, facial recognition, fingerprint, pattern, and pin. 

Samsung also seems to be working on ways to ensure those who use a password for their device and tend to forget it can easily get a hint for what their password might be, or at least that’s what a patent application by the company suggests. Samsung is looking for using palm scanning to remember forgotten password. According to this Samsung recently filed a patent.

We all know that every person’s palm lines are differ from each other. So Samsung think about use user’s palm can used to helps user to remember their passwords. This isn’t a method of unlock your smartphones but, it scans your palm and give you a hint about your password.

You can see the image using in patent above. The smartphone will use rear camera to get image of the palm. Once user’s palm lines are matched, the device will show the hint to remember the password. Smartphone screen will give you the hint in the form of half drawn words, which user need to guess and fill the password.

The abstract of the patent is saying that, "A disclosed electronic device may comprise: a photographing unit for acquiring an image including a body; a control unit for extracting biometric information of a user from an acquired image and acquiring a password hint on the basis of the biometric information and a preconfigured password; and a display unit for displaying a password hint."

This security tech may be available in upcoming Samsung S9 smartphones. However, the patent has been granted it is likely to be in the working already. I think this security tech will make change in security of smartphones in future. So wait for Samsung devices that have this type of security.
You can see the patent in  filled by company Here

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