Saturday, 16 December 2017

Vivo to Be First Smartphone Maker With Synaptics' In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

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In world of Technology we have many new technology updates in smartphones. All mobile companies try to give us latest technology in smartphone.

Few day ago Synaptics announced a new technology 'In Display Fingerprint Sensor'. Synaptics announced that this technology will working with top 5 smartphone manufacturer. However synaptics didn't reveal which of the top 5 manufacturers will bring first "In Display Fingerprint Sensor". Samsung was first company that announced about this technology and also bring it in future.

Today, Patrick Moorhead, who is an independent tech industry analyst and founder of Moor Insights & Strategy, took to Twitter to announce that he tested a Vivo smartphone with the Synaptics in-display fingerprint reader. In one of his tweets he wrote,
"Synaptics figured out what no other hardware technology company could, which was to mass produce a secure, under-display fingerprint reader. We’ll see these first in Vivo smartphones, hope to see this tech on Samsung, Apple, Moto, LG, others.”

He further told that fingerprint sensor was accurate and faster than expected. The technology implemented by Synaptics uses a CMOS sensor which is about 0.7 mm thick and is able to read the fingerprint from under the display without a problem.

According to synaptics, this sensor is twice faster than the Apple's FaceID software. They also said that, everyone knows that FaceID is slow and the real challenge that Synaptics faces are Fingerprint sensors on phones like the Google Pixel 2 or the OnePlus 5T.

Still, its a very big achievement for the tech-industry as manufacturers will finally be able to make a truly bezel-less phone with no compromises. Earlier this year Vivo also showcased a prototype smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor developed by Qualcomm, but that project failed to take off. However, in collaboration with Synaptics, Vivo has successfully produced a fully functional prototype and the dream of a smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor is about to become a reality.

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